Thursday, July 2, 2015

Moving and Unhappy...

A guest post:
Anyone who tells you that moving isn't hard has probably never moved. Moving consists of taking every single thing you own in this world, packing it in a box, and trusting that it will arrive intact at a new location. But before you can even get to that-oh-so-very -fun part you

Some unhappiness is to be expected. You're exhausted, overwhelmed and probably wondering why in the heck you ever thought this was a good idea in the first place. If you've moved away from friends and family or moved to a totally new part of the country or world, then it's not only expected, it's predictable.

have to find a new house, possibly find a new job to go with that new house, and then you get to pack. What's more fun than packing, you ask? Why unpacking, of course!
There are some ways to help get over that relocation depression fast though — here are a few for all the movers and shakers out there!

Unpack those Boxes

The truck has arrived and delivered all your precious belongings. It's tempting to push a few 7 Stages of Grief: Moving Edition, this is comes somewhere between anger and depression. But, you'll actually feel a lot better as you start your new life if you take the time to put your house in order. Not to mention that putting those cardboard boxes in the recycling bin feels really, really good.
Putting the boxes into closets or unused bedrooms and ignore them, telling yourself that you'll get to them later— or, that possibly you don't really need the stuff in those boxes anyway - is not the best strategy for the long or short term.

Make New Friends

Ask for recommendations from places like your church or other organizations you belonged to in your old neighborhood for similar organizations in your new neighborhood. If that didn't pan put, then you can always start with your own eyes and ears. You'll undoubtedly make countless trips to the local hardware store and the grocery store as you get settled. Ask the friendly cashier if there are any nearby places that you could visit. You can also ask your new neighbors, and bonus — you'll meet your neighbors in the process. If all these tricks fail you, try joining a site like MeetUp, Nextdoor, a "Buy Nothing (Name of your neighborhood) Facebook group,where you can find a group custom fit for your interests. Join a book club, find a wine tasting group, find a group of movie buffs.
Having a new group of acquaintances that can turn into friends will go a long way to forming a support network for you, which leads directly to our next point.

Get Out of the House

As tempting as it is — especially when you're tired — staying cooped up in the house watching Netflix isn't good for snapping out of your relocation depression. Get out,get active, and get social. Go for walks in your neighborhood or at the local park. Find the nearest dog park and take Fido on an outing. Find a local gym and join. Exercise releases endorphins which are great for battling depression. Even if you've never been super active, just walking on the treadmill can make a significant difference.
Soon your new neighborhood will feel as comfortable as the old neighborhood, and you'll forget all about the anxiety of moving.

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