Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happiness Transition Town for Earth Day - Thank you Joni Carley

Joni Carley is conducting a Happiness Initiative as part of her Transition Town work.  Read about it here:

And an event:

Our Common Happiness
with James Quilligan
& Dr. Joni Carley
Wednesday, April 23, 7:30 PM
Community Room, Media Borough Building
301 N. Jackson St, Media, PA

Research and experience throughout the world is becoming clearer and clearer: populations hit high economic, psychological, social and cultural development benchmarks when they adequately value and account for happiness and wellbeing.

The data also shows that common happiness requires ecological sustainability, social justice, and personal and communal vitality.
So how do we get there? Join us to explore:
Why is it important to be happy?
How do natural and political boundaries impact happiness?
What new forms of social and ecological participation are emerging?
How does happiness factor in to economics, policy and development?
Can activities like gift economies, permaculture, and biomimicry make us happy?

How do we find happiness in the midst of climate change, political extremism and hyper-competition for food, water and energy? Local and regional communities are rediscovering their commons* as the means to maintain their carrying capacity and to ensure the biodiversity necessary for well and happy lives.

All are welcome to this informational and inspirational look through the lens of our commons* at strengthening happiness and wellbeing in our community.
(no charge, donations welcome)

James Quilligan is an international advisor on economic policy, development and the commons*. Dr. Joni Carley, an expert in values-driven leadership and cultural development, was working with departmental leaders at the United Nations when the General Assembly voted unanimously to start convening toward a New Economic Paradigm based on Happiness and Wellbeing. Both James and Joni have backgrounds in philosophy, ethics, social policy and transformational practices in business, NGO’s and government.

* commons - resources that we share like air, water, food, forests, oil, minerals, genes, culture, the human spirit, information, civic infrastructur

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