Friday, January 10, 2014

What Time Is It? Come to this event (if you are in Seattle...but it may be in your area soon)

<# some text #>Robert Gilman
"I've never been more encouraged about the future than I am today."
That's Dr. Robert Gilman, former astrophysicist and long-time sustainability thought-leader, drawing a surprising conclusion from his study of 16,000 years of human history. On February 12 he'll talk in Seattle about the reasons he's so encouraged and what they mean to you personally, to the way you see the future and what you can do to create a thriving future for yourself, your community and the world.
Come and discover what you can do to work with the momentum of history.
Seating is limited so please order your tickets now.
What Time Is It? - Foundation Stones part 1
Plymouth Congregational Church
Seattle, WA

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