Friday, December 27, 2013

Personal Happiness Handbook - a hit

December 21 was the darkest day of the year. It was also the day The Happiness Initiative issued the Personal Happiness Handbook. It was a gift to all those who have taken the Gross National Happiness Index.  In less than 5 days, over 1,000 people viewed it.  It is one thing to give a gift - makes one feel good. Another thing when it is appreciated.  Makes one feel really good.
You can view it (and download it) on our slideshare account:

Personal Happiness Handbook - 25 actions along 10 domains of gross national happiness from The Happiness Initiative

Two of the trained Happiness Initiative leaders (they took the Happiness Initiative Leadership Course) are using the Personal Happiness Handbook for their happiness initiative.  

Mika Kim, a sustainability and well-being expert in the LA area with an impressive CV, issued The  Living Building Challenges "Love The Life You Live, Live The Life You Love" booklet using the Personal Happiness Handbook -see here

Thank you to Mika for her excellent work.

Mike Roberts, a sustainability advocate and long time activist in community in Maine used the Personal Happiness Handbook for a balanced life using the Medicine Wheel.

We encourage you to use the Personal Happiness Handbook (with attribution please!) for your work, community or with your friends.  Happy New Year!
Laura Musikanski, Executive Director, The Happiness Initiative 

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