Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A cool chance to give - Survive the Streets

Today opens Survive the Street's Crowdfunding Campaign. There are many chances to give in this life, so one has to be picky. We believe this is a really good one:

We believe that we can change the way we solve social problems by applying technology and building community. Our directed giving platform helps you identify people you can support with a few clicks of a mouse. Go to to see for yourself
support our crowdfunding campaign to help people on the edge of homelessness.

A message from Michael Grabham, the ED of Survive the Streets
Some of you already know that I have been working on this homeless project for some time to help fill the gap where nonprofits can’t help those on the edge of homelessness. We are ready to tell more people about it. We have helped a single mom get her car repaired so she can go to her new job, we have helped someone get a dentist appointment for the first time in 5 years and more stories continue to happen. We just need to get more people involved and aware of how easy it is to help others.  I am asking you to share this in any way you see possible. I have made it super easy for you
just use the clicktotweets or copy and paste the messages below. We even have started to get some press from Geekwire, Venturebeat and others so some people think it is important.  New website prevents #homelessness by filling gaps when existing nonprofits can’t   Technology as a disrupter! Site launches to help prevent #homelessness by filling gaps when existing nonprofits can’t
We are all very busy each day working hard to accomplish our goals and most of us are just too busy to help others less fortunate. I know I am. I have 2 friends who have done something very special to help others and I am asking you to take a couple of minutes to watch and listen. Video link.

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