Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Happiness Initiative Board Member's Trip to South Sudan

Here is a report about the trip our board member, Jim Bradbury, PhD, is taking to South Sudan next week:

My plan is to arrive in Juba, capitol of South Sudan, about September 1 and be in the country for 12 days with an excursion to the southern part for about four days in the middle of that period.

 I will be traveling and working with Christopher Douglas, a frequent visitor to South Sudan;  he manages a group that works directly with cooperatives and entrepreneurs in the Equatoria states connecting them with training, equipment, investors, and markets related

Despite a few remaining uncertainties my trip to South Sudan is still on track.  I plan to arrive in Juba on September 1, spend about four days there, travel to  Kajo Keji in Central Equatoria for about four to goods produced for local use but with export potential  to East Africa, Europe, and the U.S.  At this stage  facilitating honey production through a women's cooperative in Kajo Keji and preparing for installation of small weather stations throughout  the region are scheduled. 
My main objectives are to promote science and technology education, through discussions and seminars at the University of Juba, with a view toward contributing to sustainable progress in agroforestry, public health, and energy production. I have arranged meetings with some faculty and students at the University of Juba, a few government officials, and USAID staff.  Examples of topics include new internet-based educational tools, microgrids for rural energy needs, geophysical mapping through GIS systems,  improved weather forecasting for better planting information and estimating likelihood of mosquito-borne diseases. In the larger context, of course, trying to generate a little international goodwill through science-based diplomacy.

-- Wishing happy and safe travels to Jim.
(Wondering where South Sudan is?)

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  1. Safe travels, Jim! I look forward to hearing about your experiences on the ground in South Sudan. Best of luck with the various projects and with the science-based diplomacy!