Monday, April 1, 2013

Happiness In Santa Fe!

Check out what is happening in Santa Fe!  Their press release is below and you can learn more on their website or gather resources on the Happiness Initiative's website!

Happiness Week in Santa Fe   

Santa Fe, NM, March 22, 2013- The Center for Emergent Diplomacy in partnership with the City of Santa Fe, announces the launch of Happiness Santa Fe, an initiative that challenges the way we measure people’s well-being and success. By using indicators that look at what makes people happy, our goal is to help policy makers in Santa Fe make better choices for its community members.
Happiness Santa Fe will launch with Sustainable Happiness Week, which begins on Thomas Jefferson’s birthday, Saturday, April 13 and runs through Saturday, April 21.
Many special events are planned to take place around Santa Fe in conjunction with the launch and with Sustainable Happiness Week, including the reading of a Mayoral Proclamation, Happiness Ambassadors at the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market, film screenings, and interactive art installations, musical performances, and Happiness flash mobs, with more events to be announced.
A full calendar of events will be found at
Santa Fe businesses, cultural institutions, community groups and individuals also will be creating “Happiness Happenings” throughout the week to engage citizens in activities and conversations centered on happiness, where they can take a popular well-being survey.
The survey contains questions in ten categories of well-being, including workplace satisfaction, physical health, relationships, and governance, as well as a question specific to Santa Fe. The survey results will enable Santa Fe decision makers to better understand where people perceive themselves to be hurting and thriving. City officials have committed to use survey findings in setting priorities for future resource and fiscal allocation.
The survey can be found at

Santa Fe is joining an emerging global effort begun by the kingdom of Bhutan at the United Nations last April. Imagine Santa Fe as a Happiness City, a city that demonstrates the viability of a local economy based on the happiness and well-being of its community members.  Santa Fe has the opportunity to help lead the way in replacing the failed global economic system based on consumption and economic profit with one that honors human needs and the conditions for life on the planet”, declares Center for Emergent Diplomacy founder and president, Dr. Merle Lefkoff, herself a veteran of decades on the front lines in war zones as an international mediator in the Middle East, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, and Central and Eastern Europe.

We aim to replace our current profit-based measurement, GDP, and join a global movement to development a new measurement called GNH or Gross National Happiness.  This new, comprehensive measurement considers those factors that contribute to human happiness and well-being, so that policy makers in Santa Fe base their decisions on the desires of community members.

The goals of Happiness Santa Fe are:
  • To help Santa Fe become a world leader in implementing comprehensive measurements of success based on happiness and well-being.
  • Stimulate community participation in community life and increase volunteerism.
  • Facilitate, through participation in our Happiness survey (, the emergence of new insights and policies that help Santa Fe establish more appropriate measures of progress.
  • Help city decision makers develop policy and budget decisions that respond directly to the real needs of Santa Feans.
  • Generate a powerful, recognizable brand for Happiness Santa Fe, and in so doing inspire other cities to create similar initiatives.

Zelie Pollon
(505) 699-1662     

The Center for Emergent Diplomacy is social profit 501(c)3 organization working in partnership with the City of Santa Fe and the Happiness Initiative to create the Happiness Santa Fe Initiative. We provide  leadership tools, and project management to facilitate Santa Fe in becoming a Happiness City, link citizen happiness and well-being to public policy and decisions on spending priorities, and help Santa Fe to become a world leader in changing the values upon which we base future development.


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