Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Discovering Colombia- Part 3

This evening I present with many others to the Mayor of Cali, and a few other…how many? I do not know. I met with my translator and then had some free time, so wandered around the theatre. It spans the block looks like something out of the movies – but real.  The balconies boxes host little masks and angels looking across the expanse, and the stage goes back forever. Behind the theater is an entire other theater, with a dancing stage and meeting room.  The top floor host a splendid room with grand piano and chandelier that feels so graceful.   Behind stages is lined with little rooms like in the movies, with mirrors and bathrooms. Metal doors open over the streets, and the tempo of the city float in.  It feels like another time, but its now. I sit in a box on the second level balcony, and soak it in, feeling like I am transported into movie land. But I’m not. I am here.

I am ready for my presentation, and meet later with Mario in a cafĂ©.  We talk about what we dream of, and our dilemmas of working on projects we love that are not funded and not being able to make ends meet financially. “Well, the science says that if you are not able to make ends meet, gaining a living makes you a lot happier- up to about 75K a year in the US.” I say. “Imagine how happy you and I would be if we were fully funded – we would be bounding off the ceiling.”  We laugh.

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