Tuesday, February 3, 2015

On a Healthy Happy Home

How to Style Your Home for Maximum Health and Happiness,
a guest post by Katie Writes

Your home is your sanctuary. A place you can get away from all the stresses and strains of the outdoor world, and it should reflect that. The last thing you want after a long day is to come home to a place that is cluttered up, with leaks or drab paintwork.

What you surround yourself with in your home can have a huge effect on your mental and physical
well-being. Have you ever walked into a room that is light and airy and beautifully decorated, instantly instilling a wonderful feeling of calm? With a little effort, that is what your home can be like.

Homes designed for maximum happiness generally share common themes—plenty of light, well-arranged furniture and uncluttered surfaces. Using this as your base and adding in a spark of your own personality, you can create your perfectly balanced oasis.

Create Light
The easiest approach, of course, is to have large windows in every room to allow the sun to pour in. If this is not possible then paint the walls a fresh, sparkling white or neutral tone.
Avoid chunky, dark furniture as this will absorb the light. Light reflecting items like acrylics and glass will appear to take up less space, in turn making the room seem more open.
Hanging mirrors in a darker room is a great way to create light. Placed opposite a window, the mirror will reflect light into the room. Having two mirrors opposite each other will reflect light, creating a brighter feel.

Go Minimalist
Less is definitely more when you are styling your home. Get rid of clutter and allow your house to breath—your home will instantly feel more peaceful.
Choose hidden storage solutions and maximize space under tables and beds, to stash items you don’t often use.

Bring Nature into Your Home
Nature is well documented to have a positive effect on your well-being. Decorating your interior with will increase oxygen levels and help to eliminate nasty toxins from the air. Toxins can build up from synthetic materials in our home and even in our clothes.
house plants
Feng shui experts say that flowers give different energies depending on their type, so having them in your home will have a range of positive effects. Mix colors depending on your mood, like red and violet for increased energy, green and yellow for increased happiness or blue for a more calming effect.

Create a Safe Haven
Your home should be your safe place, where you can completely be yourself, whatever you choose that to be. Make sure your home has up-to-date safety features. Knowing your home is protected will allow you to relax with confidence.

Windows are an eye to the world but should be covered at night time to create that cozy nest feel. Consider implementing chic handcrafted window coverings to add a touch of personality and comfort to your decor.

After a little thought and organization, you can create a home that will fulfill all your needs, spiritually and physically. Get it right and you will enjoy a happier, healthier and more productive life.

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