Thursday, May 29, 2014

At a Happiness Conference - post one

Today I am at a Happiness Conference. Actually, the conference that has been a big part of my life for the last six months because I was on the planning committee.

Jenny Sassaman, one of the founders of, is giving the keynote speech. She is forging
into new territory in the happiness field: connecting personal happiness to social change.  It may seem like an obvious connection: to do happiness work, you have to be happy, right?   Well, in practice - it is not. Often those of us working in the wellbeing and happiness field, the sustainability field, the quality of life field work ourselves to the bone. Afterall, there is too much work. There is not enough time to focus on oneself, right? Wrong - and right.

It is by taking the time to focus on one's own happiness that one is more capable and more effective in their work towards social change.  As Jenny says "We need to walk the talk. Happiness matters."

The day started with Kurt Johnson, author of The Coming Interspiritual Age. He guided us through a practice that will make you feel happier.  You can do it right now:

First, stand up. Put your hands on heart.  Think of those you love.  Think of what brought you here, to this very moment.  Take a moment of silence.

Second, imagine a happy, sustainable, ecologically healthy and economically thriving and fair world. Call out what that world looks like in one word.
(Some words that were called out:
Kindness     Love     Fun     Caring     Compassionate    Healthy      Respectful      Truthful    Beautiful   Strong      Resilient       Balanced      Sweetness)  

Third, reach out your hands to the world, imagine embracing and reaching at the same time to those who inspire you. Fill yourself with the feelings that come from your inspiration. Bring your hands together in a clap.
Happiness Matters for all beings. Happiness matters to you.
Posted by Laura Musikanski

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