Monday, July 24, 2017

Working WIsdom for Global Change

Last month, in preparation for a conference in Assisi, Italy, home of St. Francis, the Happiness Alliance asked newsletter friends, the Ad Hoc Happiness and WEllbeing Movement Group (convened at the 2012 UN High Level Meeting Happiness and Well-being: Defining a New Economic Paradigm),  people on Quora and others the question: What are your key recommendations for transformative global change based on spirituality and sustainability?

The answers, along with wisdom gathered from the conference, are presented here:

What is working?
Spiritual ceremony in community divested of language and rites that separate, and that focuses on commonalities and connections to all that is spiritual in us.
What is being called for?
Religious experience and institutional orientation, process and delivery that gives opening to a spiritual experience regardless of belief or dogma.
Religious and spiritual, a-spiritual and contra spiritual leadership to forge connections based on commonalities and develop traditions and ceremonies that transcend identification with a belief system or creed.
Spiritual and religious ceremony and institutions connect and integrate love and care for our earth, oceans, all beings, and in particular the ecosystems, animals and people who are suffering in us.
Integration of spiritual and religious experience that connects and integrates love and care for all in all other areas (government, education, business, non-governmental organization (NGOs), etc.).
What can individuals, communities, or organizations do?
Bring ceremony into private and public life (for example, mindfulness practice before meetings, indigenous ceremony to open public events, process and outcomes guided by spirituality and values, etc.)
Raise awareness about the need for spiritual ceremony (being the change you want to see and speak about it).
Provide non-denominational or non-dogmatic and belief based modules for institutions to access and experience spiritual ceremony.
Use spirituality as a means to measure the success of projects, to assess the wellbeing of people and care for the earth, and to empower action for sustainability, social justice, peace, and all other work for wellbeing of people and other being and health of our ecosystem.
Hold religious ceremony in nature and to restore nature through dire
Petition for eco and community restoration through direct action, petition and symbols.  

What is working?
Science-based understanding of status and trends of problems and threats to our earth and peoples on it; and identification of interventions to stave disasters, heal ecosystems and societies, and implementation of some interventions at individual, community, national and international level.
What is being called for?
Interconnected and heart (adding to the intellect) based  (i.e. Integral) understanding of the problems and threats facing our earth and us and the integration of integral, integrated, holistic, and interconnected ways into interventions already developed and development of integral interventions.
What can individuals, communities, or organizations do?
Develop new narrative and experience that celebrate and grow love and an experience based knowledge of oneness with each other and our earth.
Adapt current interventions and innovate interventions.

What is working?
Local politics and local government.
What is being called for?
Taking back the political process from the corporation control of campaigns and elected officials, special interests, and other corruption of the democratic or other participatory government process and institutions.
Campaign finance reform.
What can individuals, communities, or organizations do?
Engage and support local political activities that are not entangled in any way with corporate finance.

What is working?
New free or very inexpensive education and learning programs and opportunities, in person and online (apps, you tube, websites, TED talks, etc).
What is being called for?
End of corporate control of education and innovation of new ways to bring in support and resources including money to support operations.
Re-democratization of higher education and equitable access to education for all people, particularly girls & women, muslim youth, and people trapped in urban poverty.  Update our education system though shifting the mindset and underlying world view about what education is for education based on self inquiry, discernment, meta cognition, gratitude, compassion and care for all.
What can individuals, communities, or organizations do?
At conferences, summits, and other knowledge sharing events hold youth panels
Participate in and innovate ways to provide learning opportunities.
Offer experience based, service learning, and job training opportunities.
Find ways to be in empathetic relationship with those who can't afford education; teaching in prison, teaching in poor urban environments, involving the police force, etc.  
Participate in education in Africa.

Transformation of political systems
Our world view drives our behavior
Sanctification of nature, honor the Divine on every corner,
Indigenous wisdom of people and the planet
Preserving culture and language
Gender as Mother Earth and

What is working?
Metrics drive policy, business and personal lives, and beyond gross domestic product (GDP), also called happiness or well-being, metrics, which aim to get us off the singular reliance on GDP (and economic growth and consumption) by government, profit by business and wealth or income by people, are in use by governments, researchers and communities around the world.
What is being called for?
The use of beyond GDP metrics by communities and local governments to assess the wellbeing of peoples (and differences among people); inform and secure the circumstance in life that provide equitable happiness, well-being, sustainability and resilience for all; and share practices in ways that support greater learning and application by government, business and people of wider measures of wellbeing.
What can individuals, communities, or organizations do?
Use happiness and well-being (beyond GDP) metrics at a community level and encourage local government to use beyond GDP metrics in lieu of GDP.
Raise awareness and support efforts to supersede the use of GDP metrics with happiness metrics.
Evolve happiness (beyond GDP) indicators to measure interconnected and universal value-based spirituality.

What is working?
Local economy, slow food and ecological businesses are providing ways for people to redefine ways to interact with business.
What is being called for?
Childhoods without the influence of commercialization of a child’s development and mentality.
What can individuals, communities, or organizations do?
Take logos off clothing and other articles.
Ban advertising to children.  

What is working?
Earth Charter and the Sustainable Development Goals (and other efforts) encompass a holistic perspective to our earth and what it means to be a part off the earth and have spurred the birth of sustainable business, and, increasingly government.
What is being called for?
Earth jurisprudence whereby protection and restoration of the ecosystems, human rights, indigenous culture and communities is protected by law.
End of biopiracy that strips indigenous people of culture and resources.
Transition from looking to nature as a resource to use to looking to nature with the goal of  restoration.
What can individuals, communities, or organizations do?
Creation of blueprint of model policies, regulations and laws for governments to consider when promulgating policy and laws for holistic sustainable nations.
Creation of model constitutional language for protection of earth, culture, community and other areas of sustainability and wellbeing.
Use of the earth charter as a checklist for business product decisions.
Promote the joining of Charter for Compassion and similar efforts in your city.
Bring spirituality and values into SDG and other UN institutions.
Issue an Apology to the future.

What is working?
Sustainability instutions informing higher education (AASHE, etc)
Education, from primary to higher, in nature, on farms, in gardens.
What is being called for?
Transformation of education systems for integrated and interlinked disciplinary education; and a purpose of happiness, sustainability and spirituality in education.  
Campuses with farms on campus and around campuses, sourcing food from the local farms and serving local food.  
Education that teaches all aspects food systems (including small farming, food delivery, no food waste, composting etc), installing renewable energy, food justice, local indignation culture, ecosystem sciences, etc.
End of university culture in which students are called customers
What can individuals, communities, or organizations do?
Spread and evolve curriculum in and for nature that reconnects us to the knowledge of being of and for the earth.  
Adoption of all education institutions of a healthy, just and sustainable world as the primary goal of education, from education to financial investment.
Creation of practices and lessons learned for transforming campuses and education institutions for use by students and others.

What is working?
Celebrations and honoring of  of sustainability, happiness, Mother Earth,and other aspects of our work through declarations of celebratory days (Earth Day, International Day of Happiness, etc)
What is being called for?
Joy and fun work in the sustainability, spirituality, wellbeing and happiness movement.
Allow students, and all people, to express grief.
What can individuals, communities, or organizations do?
Do our work in ways that allow and create fun.
Leadership that publicly shares feelings making it socially acceptable to others and investment in integrating into all institutions the ability to share feelings, not to sequester feeling in therapists offices.

What is working?
Innovative information technology is solving global, cultural and personal problems. For example language teaching apps are preserving and restoring indigenous languages, closed loop built environment energy and water systems, and grief processing artificial intelligence programs.
What is being called for?
Information technology that develops our compassion, spirituality, sustainability of our earth, social justice, happiness and wellbeing.
Guidelines for the creation of technologies that are brought to market.
What can individuals, communities, or organizations do?

Learn how to use and develop technology that develops our compassion, spirituality, sustainability of our earth, social justice, happiness and wellbeing.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Is Happiness Subjective or Objective?

A question posed on Quora asks Is Happiness Subjective or Objective? Today I took some time to answer, after mulling about how to answer the question in a way that was truthful to the work of providing a happiness measurement tool and respectful to those who put no stalk in measurement tools. Here is the answer: 

One way to answer this question of whether happiness is objective or subjective is to ask the question of whether can happiness be measured, and if so, can it be measured through subjective instruments (surveys, questionnaires, assessments, etc.)) or objective instruments (observable data such as life expectancy, mental health, economic and political freedom, health, income distribution, etc).

Regarding the topic of subjective measurements, on an intuitive level, we know that happiness can be and is often measured by the question we commonly ask “how are you?” or, more intimately, “How are you feeling?” That happiness can be measured through questions and that one can get a response that one can rely upon to understand a person’s happiness is backed by science (Frey & Luechinger, 2007; Pavot & Diener, 1993). Thus, the question here is not whether we can measure happiness, but whether we are using an effective measurement tool, meaning is our question good enough? If we are asking about an emotional, then instead of asking a question like “Are you feeling happy or sad, depressed, anxious, angry, etc?” Instead, the question is best asked “Are you feeling happy, or unhappy? “Sad or not sad?” Angry or not angry” etc. There are a number of reasons for this, and one of them is that we can have more than one feeling at ta time, and can even have conflicting feelings at the same time. For example, you might feel elatedly happy when your best friend just fell in love or won the lottery, at the same time as feeling jealous, angry and depressed. To come to understand ourselves and others, we peel away at each feeling: happiness for our friend comes from the love we have for them, jealousy from a fear of loss of status perhaps, anger at oneself for not meeting internally assumed societal expectations perhaps and depression from fear of loss of friendship perhaps. Diener et. al. (2009) developed an affect scale that includes 12 feelings: positive, negative, good, bad, pleasant, unpleasant, happy, sad, afraid, joyful, angry, and contented. All this said, it is up to each person to define what happiness, sadness, joy, anger, anxiety, calm, etc, is to them. Your sense of being happy may be very different from mine, but both definitions are caught by the term happiness.

In conclusion to the intuitive approach to happiness : if you want to know how you are feeling or how someone else is feeling, ask, and ask questions about a single emotion. You can use scales such as, on a scale of 0–10, with 0 being the least and 10 being the most, how happy are you?, how angry? how depressed? how calm? etc, or you can ask, are you happy or unhappy, angry or not angry, etc, or just “are you happy?”

Regarding the topic of subjective measurements, on a scientific level, the question of whether happiness can be measured is a resounding YES. The issuance of the World Happiness Report in 2012 (Helliwell, Layard & Sachs) and then again in 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017) shows not just that happiness can be measured but how to measure it. Further clarifying this issue is the Organisation for Economic Co-operation (OECD) Guidelines on Measuring Subjective Well-being. Thus, the question is not whether happiness can be measured and if it can be measured subjectively (yes) but what are we measuring exactly? Happiness is defined and measured in three different buckets; feelings (affect), eudemonia (the good life, or thriving), and satisfaction with life and the conditions of life. These three buckets provide different information that informs different questions and yields different implications. Affect can tell us how a specific environment or situation impacts a person. For example, are people happier working remotely or in the office; when commuting to work, on the bus or in their car:, on Friday or Saturday, etc? Eudemonia tells us what motivates people, and how resilient we are. For example, do you have a sense of purpose in your life? So you feel like your life is worthwhile? Are you optimistic about your future? And Satisfaction with Life and the conditions of life gives us information about our remembered experience, which is fundamental to understanding why and how we will make decisions (Kahneman et. al. 1993 & Kehneman, 2010), for example, will people perceive a neighborhood or city safer or less safe, find a job satisfying or less satisfying, etc.

The buckets of happiness make a difference because we know that we can have an impact on our happiness levels. Happiness is dependent, in scientific, on three different places of origin: our genetic set point, our life’s circumstances and our own mind (Weiss, Bates & Luciano, 2008 & Lyubomirsky, 2008). We can change our life’s circumstances and often do. We move, get an education, fall in love, have a family, decide on a life calling and career path, get a job, move into an abode, take up a passion or hobby, get involved in our government… We can change our minds and now science tells us that practicing mindfulness, gratitude and giving will do that (and have a cascading effect on changing our opportunities for life circumstances, such as job offers, friendships and quality of relationships). We can even change our genetics through medications, and, it is starting to become clear, mindfulness and other practices.

Today, most governments are measuring some aspect of happiness using survey questions (Economic Performance, 2016). One thing that governments looking into using this data are clear about: it is not the role of government to force people into behaviors or actions with the idea that then they will be happier (i.e. big brother is not going to force you to eat your spinach) but the role of government to provide the environments and situations (life circumstances) so that we the people have equal and equitable opportunities to pursue happiness. For example, the availability of really good meaningful employment, opportunities to live in safe, secure homes and neighborhoods, access to higher education and training, clean and healthy ecosystems, etc. That said, few governments, wth the exception of Bhutan (Musikanski, 2014) can figure out how to use happiness data to inform policy. That does not mean we (people, communities, cities, etc) can’t figure out how use happiness data. This is my sweet spot, and I have been working since 2010 with communities to measure happiness using a subjective instrument that covers the areas of affect, eudemonia, and satisfaction with life and the conditions of life (work, time balance, economy, environment, government, community, social support, health, culture and lifelong learning) and just published with my colleagues an essay on this (Musikanski, Polly, Cloutier,, Berejnoi, Colbert, 2017).

In conclusion on the scientific approach to happiness: Happiness can and and is being measured. The three buckets of happiness: (1) affect or feelings, (2) eudemonia (today commonly called thriving) and (3) satisfaction with life and the conditions of life. Related to these bucket, there are three ways to make a difference in your own life and be happier: change your mind, change your life’s circumstances or change your genetics. Your biggest leverage points are more than likely changing the way you think, through some form of contemplated practice, such as mindfulness, prayer or meditation (a walk in the woods can be a meditation); giving more (your time, your love, your attention, volunteering, donating), and practicing gratitude (thank people more, keep a gratitude journal, think about something that went well and why every night before you go to sleep).

Regarding the topic of objective measurements, on a scientific level, happiness has been measured via several blends of objective and subjective measurements, most notably the Happy Planet Index (2012), which combines life expectancy (an objective measure) with an ecological footprint (the amount of natural resources needed for a lifestyle) and a subjective happiness measurement for satisfaction with life. There are many many other objective metrics used to measure well-being, and if you think of happiness and well-being as synonyms, then these would count. All that said, if you want to know how happy someone is, it probably is best to ask them.

Last, if you want to measure your happiness using a subjective indicator based on Bhutan;s Gross National Happiness philosophy, you can for free, and you can use this tool for a group, such as your friends, in your workplace, or elsewhere. Here: Take the Gross National Happiness Index It takes about 15 minutes, and you will get your own assessment of your happiness, with some suggestions to improve your affect (feelings) and the circumstances of your life.


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Monday, May 22, 2017

Futuristic Happiness

In February, shortly after my visit at the opening of the Museum of the Future in Dubai, my friend John C Havens invited me onto his Wellbeing Committee that is part of the IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems.  That's a mouthful, and I admit that when he first invited me, I didn't quite make it through the sentence, but he got me at Wellbeing.

In Dubai, I had eaten 3-D printer food - and taken a short vid for my brother, who talks incessantly about how the world will change with 3-D printers. He predicts they will eradicate the garment industry, which accounts for a large proportion of the economies in many countries in the Southern Hemisphere, and radically change how we interact with our natural environment in no small part because of the impact on food systems.   Until my trip to Dubai, and joining the IEEE Wellbeing Committee for AI/AS, I politely listened, nodded my head, and then changed the subject.

A chat with a robot lawyer from the United Kingdom, was at once interesting and frustrating, not unsimilar to chats with human lawyers. I pretended first that I was homeless, and it told me that there was nothing for me as I was not a citizen of the UK. Then I pretended I had a traffic ticket, but ended up in a dead end, and went on to discover the next exhibit.

An air taxi was parked outside the museum, and I had circled a few times around it waiting to see if the driver would come to give demo rides, but no go. My disappointment was outweighed by my relief, as I would have thrown caution to wind, or to the skies rather, but knew it was probably a better idea not to be one of the first to take such as ride.

The President of the United Arab Emirates had just announced plans to colonize Mars and the Museum of the Future included a display showing how they envisioned using robots and 3-D printers to rebuild areas torn by natural or manmade disaster or build in hostile environments.

My eyes opened by the visit to the Museum of the Future, and one IEEE committee meeting later, it became clear to me the extent of my ignorance about artificial intelligence. I have learned a few things in the last few months.

What is Artificial Intelligence and What Will It Do To Our Happiness? 

Artificial intelligence comes in several guises. There is the plain brown wrapper kind that we interact with everyday. Plain brown wrapper AI is just the ability of a computer to run algorithms.  We already live with this variety of AI,  and are coming to depend on it. Have you asked Siri what the fox says? Its is worth a good laugh when hanging out with munchins. She'll give a variety of answers if you keep asking.   

The real question is not what is artificial intelligence, but how deeply is it ingrained in our lives already and does it have an overall positive or deleterious effect on our happiness and wellbeing

Map or App?

And when was the last time you held a map in your hands? While there was something satisfying about having a map in your hand, even if it was impossible to fold it back into the tight rectangle it came it, most of us would admit that it is a relief to have an app not only tells us where our destination is, it tells us the fastest way to get there.

The question of whether the map app makes you happier, increases your life satisfaction or has an additive or deleterious effect on your ability to realize your full potential is another story. Yesterday a facebook friend raised this issue with a question: 

Modern manners:
You're driving somewhere, and you don't know the route to your destination, but a passenger does.
Do you use your phone, with voice prompts, to guide you? Or do you let the passenger direct you?

The conversation that ensued quickly got to the point. The discussion went from focusing on the goal of getting to a destination to whether the app getting in the way of human relationships. From all the happiness research over the years, there is one key and core finding that is crystal clear: relationships are the key to happiness. As  John Helliwell, editor of the World Happiness Report,  said at the World Government Summit in Dubai earlier this year "if you want to be happy, make others happy." 

One of the reasons for the IEEE Wellbeing Committee is to identify and address these very issues. It starts with framing conversations, and hopefully leads to procedures, processes and rules that guide the creation and use of AI so that it leads to greater happiness, or at least does not sacrifice our happiness, wellbeing, quality of life and ecological sustainability in the pursuit of economic gain, productivity and efficiency.  

But we are a long way yet from having such a framework for AI designers, programmers and marketers. This means it is up to us to have these conversations, like the one my facebook friend started on facebook. It also means that it is up to us to become aware of how using the apps and other AI functions we use make us feel and the impact they are having on what really matters to us in our lives.  This is a tall order, and assumes that we have made a conscientious decision about what does matter.  Most of us, when put to the test, will answer with the same factors that happiness science tells us really does matter: family, friends, pets, love, nature, a sense of purpose and meaning, and other aspects of life that have little to do with short term profits and economic growth. 

The Future of Jobs, Happiness and Artificial General Intelligence

Martin Ford, in his book Rise of the Robots, predicts a future robots that have the ability to work, think and learn faster and better than humans will take all the jobs away from people.  (Ford's remedy is to reframe markets as commodities, and provide a basic guaranteed income high enough to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship). This forecast feels so alarming because it is already coming true.

Little Orange Robots (under yellow bins) at Amazon Packaging Center

Employment, like relationship, carries a heavy load when it comes to our sense of worthiness, satisfaction with life and even our physical health.  As Alan Krueger points out in his keynote talk 
at the Subjective Well-being Over the Life Course conference, loss of employment, particularly for working age men, has far reaching negative effects domino effects on a person's happiness: increased use of mental and physical illness, disability, opioid drug use, low sense of meaning in life, lower life satisfaction, high death rates, as well as social un-rest and election results that lead to policy decisions that emphasize the use of gross domestic product and profit as primary measures of human well-being.  

The impact of AI on our happiness could be even worse. Yuval Noah Harrari, in his book Homo Deus, forecasts a day when humans, other than a small handful (say, 1% of the 1%) who control AI, will no longer be viewed as needed. According to him, AI will replace our functionality and usefulness by government and business, we will lose our sense of individuality when brain science and information technology crack the code of  human functioning and break it down into series of algorithms.  This, coupled with the development of Artificial General Intelligence, will make humans redundant. 

A New Religion

Artificial General Intelligence departs from plain old brown wrapper AI because it outstrips human's intellectual abilities.  It can learn, and it can reinvent itself, much like we do throughout our lives. What it misses is consciousness. It is not aware that it is aware.  

This raises the very important question that Harrari asks at the end of his book, paraphrased here. (He actually asks three questions, but I distill them to one).  Who are you? 

Dataists believe that everything can be reduced to information. They see themselves as bits of information, and work towards a world in which all information is freely available to itself.  It is as if they imagine a return to a divine state of oneness in which we are all part and inseparable from a universe of freely flowing information bits.  For a dataist, the feelings are a neurochemical reaction, which is a series of algorithms, and thus can be understood as a flow of data. Thoughts, ideas, impressions, dreams: all are information that can be described as data. 

This philosophy, or religion, assumes that we are our feelings, thoughts, beliefs, likes and dislikes, or sensations.  Buddhist philosophy rejects all of these as defining who one is.  It counters with the concept of consciousness.  Awareness of a feeling, thought, belief, like or dislike or sensation is not the feeling, thought, belief, like or dislike nor the sensation.  It is consciousness. 

A future in which robots not only replace humans but reduce us to meat is, obviously, not a happy one. However, a future in which AI is designed and employed to ensure each of us reaches our full potential as human beings is a happy one.  If dataists are wrong, and who we are is not something that can be reduced to algorithms,  and if Buddha is correct, and we are consciousness, then what does it mean to be conscious, to be aware, to be awake?  Buddhists have seven attributes to describe a fully conscious person: they are joyful and calm, curious and focused, energetic and equanimous, and present (mindful).  

While it is an impossible task to ask any one person, or even a group of powerful people, to ensure that the development of AI is guided by the goal of helping humans reach their greatest potential as conscious beings, we can begin that process now, today, by simply being as conscious as we can, as mindful as one can, in each moment.  This may not make any difference, but then, it may make all the difference. 

But what if AI is developed so that it becomes conscious?

Artificial Super Intelligence and Human Consciousness

Artificial Super Intelligence, or ASI, is simply artificial intelligence that has consciousness. Most will say this is a pipe dream, but if it is possible, it will happen. If it does, some fear humans will no longer be able to differentiate themselves from AI.

This fear is based on the idea that only humans have consciousness, and all other life forms on this planet are sort of dumb. I suggest that we turn this question around, and look at how often consciousness shows up in all life forms on our planet, and that in seeing it, contemplating it and then asking ourselves how we really want to interact with other beings: as meat and fungible, or with honor, compassion and wisdom. 

Nanoscience, Human Health and Human Happiness

Another technological development that some say is a pipe dream is nanoscience. Think of nanoscience as being god at the molecular level. With nanoscience, you can send intelligence to cure your body or mind at an atomic level.  The promise of nanoscience is immortality. 

Whether nanoscience will ever become a reality, it reveals one concept that is already a reality: advances in AI will and are entering our bodies and mind though an effort to cure human illness. 

A few weeks ago my step-son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Quickly, AI came into our lives. A device in his body constantly monitors glucose levels, and sends the information to our smartphones. None of us miss waking him up at 3 in the morning to poke a needle in his finger and draw the blood to ensure his levels are in the safe range. Maybe someday there will be replacement pancreases, and if nanotechnology could cure his pancreas without hurting him in another way, we would be in line to get the dose.

What's Human Happiness?

This is how AI will be in our future. Instead of replacing us, we will become it. First for health benefits, then for happiness benefits.  This gives rise to the third main point in this post: how do we define human happiness? 

If happiness is confined to a feeling, then we miss the interconnected nature of life. Feelings are important, and they are not separable from a wide range of aspects and circumstances of our life. These aspect include our psychology, as well as our life circumstance, our planetary environment and human rights around the world. Other areas of a our life circumstances that are linked to feelings of happiness include our financial situation or standard of living; trust and participation in the democratic process; access to nature and the health of their natural environment; sense of belonging to community, inclusion or discrimination and trust in the people and institutions around and affecting them; social support (relationships with family and friends); physical and mental health; educational level, quality and access to lifelong learning, sense of culture and heritage and access to cultural assets; employment status and job satisfaction; time balance; and other areas such as access to technology,  transportation, local food production, etc. 

Happiness is complicated, just as we are complicated. Embrace the complication of life.

Three Lessons for the Future of Happiness

1) Be aware of the impact your use of AI has on you right now. Ask yourself after you use an app that uses algorithms, whether amazon, netflix, google, or an app on your phone:  how did it make you feel? Was it of benefit to your sense of who you are?  Do you feel more or less worthwhile, more or less of a sense of purpose and connection to others? Talk about these concepts with your friends and family. 

2) Ask yourself, who are you, really? Are you defining yourself as your thoughts, feelings, sensations, ideas, definitions or roles of you from your family or culture?  If so, dig a little deeper. Separate the ideas of who you think you should be from who you really are.  Seek to arrange the circumstances of your life that you live to your full potential. 

3) Challenge accepted definitions of happiness as confined to feeling or not connected to the many aspects of life. Embrace that humans are complicated, and you are complicated, and settle with serenity into this complication.  Explore it, and celebrate it. 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

865 ways to be happy: a challenge to find yours

We ask people what is the one thing you would like to do to improve your well-being and the well-being of others in our Happiness Index survey. Out of the 2011 people who took the survey in the last two months, 865 answered the question.

Here is a challenge: skim through this list, and notice what catches your eye. Then leave this page, and see what thoughts come up about the items that did catch your attention. Do you agree? Do you judge or condemn? Does a story come to mind when you read a particular response about the respondent? Notice your feelings, your thoughts and your liking, dislike or indifference about whatever you notice.  Then, the challenge is to take all of that and spend some time examining it, thinking about it, and seeing what comes up.

A balance between work and home.
A full time well paying job
A more coherent national policy agenda. 
A purpose.
Accept people the way they are unless they are harmful to others or themselves.
Access to countryside
achieve a better work/life balance or find meaningful ways to spend the free time I do have
achieve happiness after anxiety
acting happier, and doing more things that help others.
Adapting to sustainable practices
Advocate for equal rights for women
Aerobic exercise
Afford to get my teeth taken care of
Allow people to feel appreciated
Always at least tell someone something to make their day better.
An interesting job
Attend more church services, workout more, enjoy nature more often
Balance my work life home life
Be a better listener, more mindful of others and more open to new things
Be a calmer, more positive person
be a little more "out-going" than I am.
Be a more involved grandparent. Distance prevents that at this time.
Be able to have more time to reflect on the events of the day and the state of my own being as well as the state of the world around me. Having more time to contemplate would make me feel more whole and I'm sure that wholeness would translate into everything I do; that same wholeness and positivity would influence the many different people I interact with on a daily basis as well.
Be able to spend more time in a prayer community
Be active with family
be awesome.
Be calm and grateful.
be closer to nature, have a more satisfying occupation
Be debt free.
Be free from the system. Live somewhere warm with a good beach vibe atmosphere and source my food from the land around me.
Be happier
Be happier
Be happier
Be happier and a better mum
Be happier and less on edge
Be happy
be happy
be happy
Be happy
be happy
Be happy
Be happy and feel confident again in myself.
Be happy.
be healthier
be healthier and promote exercising
Be healthy
Be loved
Be more accepting of myself.
Be more active
Be more active helping people achieve their happiness.
Be more confident/
Be more connected by doing the things that I enjoy and I feel a sense of achievement and purpose in.
Be more friendly
Be more healthy and positive
Be more honest and genuine, help each other more so that we all have more time to be calm and kind.
Be more kind.
be more organized so i can accomplish much more and also be more confident and have more leadrship
Be more outgoing
Be more patient
Be more physically active
be more physically fit
Be more positive
Be more present and focus on one thing at a time.
Be more present in the Now
be more productive
Be more productive and not procrastinate
Be more social
Be nice.
Be outside more, on my own time
Be politically active
be positive
Be positive and supportive!
Be respectful to everyone
Be social
Be the best person I can be to be of help to others!
Be with my family and live a more relaxed lifestyle where I work in a capacity that I enjoy while getting paid accordingly.
Become a personal trainer
Become a stronger individual
Become more financially stable and responsible
become more independent in my thoughts and activities and be overall happier.  Feel comfortable in my own skin.
Become more involved in my local community and play a more active role in my government.
Become more motivated
Being able to afford a meaningful lifestyle.
Being able to volunteer and serve others more
Being able to volunteer in my local community
keeping a positive mental wellbeing
helping and supportive others
take better care of my body
accept my emotions
take daily risk
live in the present
Being busy and spending time with others and enjoying it and enjoying there time with me as we explore wherever we want to go.
being happy
Being happy again
Being healthy
Being healthy in both mind and body.
Being involved within the community and communicating with the younger generation.  Doing what is best for me and what is best for the community.  Educate myself and experience life to understand life and the world a bit more.  Do the things that make me happy, that brings happiness to others and to treat others with respect and teach and value human kindness.
Being kinder and calmer
Being more involved in my friend group then I currently am
Being more positive in all aspects of my life and learn to appreciate the things in my life.
Being more positive.
being positive 
Being social
being supportive to the ones around me
being worth something
Better access to better food and cooking more
Better communication
better health
Better pay
better public services
better self esteem and prioritising my own needs
Better social interaction
Bigger house. get a dog
Build better trusts in my community - Communicate with other's in person.
By sharing my knowledge with others.
cease to exist
Change boss.  Win money.  Early retirement.
Change careers to something I find meaningful. 
Change jobs
Change jobs and divide my time between where I live now and my hometown.
Change jobs,take care of my health
Change lifestyle
change my atttude
change my mindset
Change the volleyball program I am apart of so that things are smoother and there is less drama.
Civic involvement
Clean environment
climate change worries me and i wish the world would wake up and do something about it
Closer connection to people
College degree
Communicate better
Complete a law school education and begin my career in law, impacting society and bring myself out of poverty.
Complete more work when given the time, complete assignments
Complete my Bachelors and get a job in my field.
Complete my Masters degree
Connecting with People
Continue our healthy life style changes including eating and exercise.
Continue to be great.
Continue to learn and grow
Continue to show compassion for others. We all need it!
Continue to talk to one another, do service together
contribute more
Contributing to society more
Control of my career, feel im making an impact and building something I feel proud of inside
Create a community of like minded people that can support one another through groups such as yoga, dance, knitting, breastfeeding support etc
Create a peaceful loving and supportive environment
create conversation with others even if they are strangers.
Create jobs and other opportunities in my community for lower income people.
Create more and express myself
Create opportunities for advancement in my community.
Curate & create public art and events
Dealing with issues in a healthy way
Decrease income inequality
Decrease my commute for me. Have more time to develop people that are in my organization for others.
del bene
Design things that will help the world.
dinner parties
Discipline to control my life style
Do more
Do more activities for my self
do more mindfulness practice
don't know
Don't know
Dont Know
drive, follow through, making a decision/plan and sticking to it. greater will power
earn more money
Earn more money
Earn more money - get a higher paid job
Earn more to better my finances
Easier access to mental health practioners.
Eat a balanced, nutritious diet
Eat and live healthily and share knowledge about this with others.
Eat consistently well.  Exercise consistently.
Eat healthier
eat healthier
Eat healthier all the time, work out more, be kind to one another.
Eat healthier. 
Eat healthy
Eat more FOOD
Eat more food.
eat more food.
eating healthy and working out.
educate each other more.
Educate people on the destruction they are causing to the planet
Encourage calmness.
Encourage people in their relationship with God.
Enjoy life everyday
Enjoy life more
Enjoy my work and feel valued and a sense of belonging where i live.
Enjoy the moment
Ensure that I have good quality of sleep and exercise.
Establish a consistent schedule
Everyone working together to promote peace and acceptance
Exercise and be positive
Exercise and get out in nature more
Exercise and lose weight
Exercise and spend more times outdoor
Exercise and spend time with my son
Exercise more
exercise more
Exercise more
Exercise more
exercise more
Exercise more
exercise more
Exercise more
Exercise more
Exercise more
Exercise more / get outside more / be more healthy
Exercise more and be more present
Exercise more often
Exercise more, eat better
Exercise more, more time for hobbies
Exercise more, play music more, share meals more, volunteer for people who are really suffering more.
exercise more, volunteer more
Exercise more.
Exercise more.
exercise program
Exercise regularly and make it my priority. Volunteer more.
Exercise, cooking meals, cleaning out my closets, volunteering, reading more, seeking God's will in my life
Exercise, more community service
Exhibit art.
Express my creativity
Feel better physically, less stress and loneliness, more contentment with what life has become,
Help my children more, make sure they are fine and happy,
Feel happier
Feel more secure and happy
Feeling less stressed
Figure out my work-life balance
Finally launch my website and start trading in order to make money;
Be financially independent again;
Be independent in my work environment again;
Be able to travel again and see my family & friends;
Spend some time with my friends & family;
Take care of my health;
Re-introduce more social activities;
Perhaps practice a couple of new activities (danse & sports);
financial condition
financial security and independence
Find a compatible relationship.
Find a degree I like and finish school so I'm not so overwhelmed and stressed out
find a good wife
Find a healthy work life balance
Find a more fulfilling career.
find a partner
Find a place for my non-for-profit school.  Constantly displaced by land developers looking for economic gain over service to children.
Find a way to help people help themselves while also being financially rewarding and not remain on the edge of poverty.
Find balance in daily life.
find meaningful work
Find more enjoyable meaningful work
Find peace of mind
Find some semblance of happiness or purpose in life.
Find something that I actually enjoy doing.
Find the right work life balance.
Find time for myself
Find true love
Find ways to enjoy outdoor activities more often.
Find work that pays and makes me happy
Finding an activity or a purpose for my energy
Finish University
Finish University and do something I enjoy instead
Fitness and Nutrition and eliminating toxins such as excessive alcohol usage and smoking.
Fix the money issues
Focus more on living healthy
Focus more on myself and not other people.
Focus on environmental conservation and humanitarian efforts for those less fortunate as a community
For my own well-being I'd like to let go of the anxiety and anger I still harbor toward my former friend.
For my own wellbeing, I want to exercise and learn how to manage anxiety.  I want to help others take care of themselves.
For myself -  help myself be happier and let myself just enjoy life.  For others - be more supportive of their dreams.
Free time
free time
Garden more
Get  a job.
Get a job
Get a job
Get a job and stop living off my parents.
Get a job that I enjoy
Get a job!
Get a new job closer to where I live.
Get along
Get an internship
Get better friends
get healthier
get healthier
Get in shape
Get knee replacements lol
Get more excersize, spend more time with my kids, and be out of debt
Get more exercise
Get more exercise
Get more exercise.
Get more sleep
Get more sleep
Get more sleep, spend more time with friends, parents.
Get more sleep!
Get more sleep!
Get more time
Get people to come together as one group instead of Democrats, Repubicanx or Liberals
Get the point across that we all have choices and that we can be in control of our own destinies and happiness.  Don't blame others.  Work on being the best you can be to yourself and others and happiness will ensue.  Be generous with your time, love, kind words and sense of humor. 
Get work life balance right
Getting better life styles
Getting out in nature more is good for me, my husband and our dog.  We're all so different when we hike at least once a week somewhere in the woods, or lake or generally away from residential or commercial areas.
give myself time to hangout with close friends and loved ones.
Give people compliments
Go out more
go out of the house more often
Go to therapy more often than I do now, and de-stigmatize therapy so others who need it won't be embarrassed to go.
Government payments be increased so we don't live below the poverty line even on the Aged Pension.
Graduate with my Bachelor's degree, receive a decent paying job, save up money for Graduate School. Go to Graduate School, get certified as a counselor, work my dream job of counseling and helping others
Graduating Highschool and get a degree.
hapiness, productivity, energy.
Have a job that I enjoyed more
Have a lot of money
Have a more socialist government.
Have a relationship
Have a shorter commute to work
Have an emotionally intimate relationship
Have friendship
Have good health
Have meaningfulness in my life
have more 'me' time
Have more community events and better public spaces. Reduce cars in cities.
Have more friends and different kinds of relationships
Have more time
Have more time for exercise and volunteering
Have more time off from work to connect with family. Have more time off from errands for daily life to do things with family
Have more time to focus on me
have no guilt for putting myself first
Have some time to myself
Have someone to share my life with
Have time to exercise regularly and time without electronics. I would like time during the day when I am not expected to be on my email,etc
Have time to volunteer
Having a normal life back. Not being stuck in hospital with a ill child.
Having a positive mindset.
Having mental peace which would lead to my happiness and inner love
Having the time to work on personal projects.
Health literacy
Healthier eating
Healthy eating and more exercise.
Healthy lifestyle
Help break everyone's blind faith in the US government and its politicians.
Help each other.
help make others happy
Help others
Help others as a social worker. 
Help shelter animals get adopted
Help us all reconnect to nature, whole foods, and community living
high will to exercise and do volunteer work
higher wages
I am already doing it, which is exercising.
I am currently trying to change my perspective on things so that I am a more positive person, as I feel that will improve how I perceive things and lessen the blow of bad circumstances.
I believe that I need to change my emplyment.
I don't even know anymore. I don't think there's anything I can do, the system is shit.
I don't know
I don't know
I don't know.
I don´t Know
I dont even know
i dont know
I feel I should talk to people more
I just want to be happy
i like to help people
i like to help people in need when i can
I need more sleep.
I really want to focus on working out to improve my own wellbeing. To improve the wellbeing of others I was to volunteer more often.
I spend more time with people around me and take care of myself because I do not.
I strive to help others see that kindness and patience matter. If I look out for others I hope that it will be contagious.
I want more energy and to not feel broken
I want to achieve my goals and get my educations.
i want to be happy
I want to be in a place where i can take care of myself.
I want to keep learning and building and expanding my knowledge. By exposing myself to new educational experiences, I will become more socially active. Learning new skills can also boost your sense of self-efficacy. If you’ve always felt that you lacked musical or artistic ability, but now find that you can sing or paint, you’ll feel that much better about yourself in general.
I want to try to just be a nicer person to most people.
i will go to colloge
I wish I was able to work more so that I don't need to rely on my dad.
I would enjoy having more family game nights, since our family does enjoy playing board games together
i would help out around the house more
I would like lose some weight and help others if they ask for my help in losing weight.
I would like to be able to be happy on my own. Then I feel I would be more inclined to improve the wellbeing of others.
I would like to be able to be more motivated in my school work, If I could achieve this I would not only be able to improve my grades, but I would be able to further satisfy my parents, being that they are the reason I am able to go to school.
I would like to be able to leave work at a reasonable time so that I have time to work out and enjoy other things after work.
I would like to be able to manage my time better so I can write my book, practice living in the NOW, and I strongly believe if we listen to our instincts, rather than allowing others to judge us, the cup will always be half full.
Learn from your past mistakes and hurts...think like a survivor not a victim.
I would like to be better at managing my time so that I can be productive and efficient with work, but still have time to actually enjoy life. I always feel rushed to make time for myself for exercising, relaxing, etc.
I would like to be healthier and happy because not being healthy tends to  make people unhappy especially when their health makes it hard to be happy.
I would like to be more aware of other's opinions and what they would like to do with me in my life.
I would like to do whatever it takes to keep my friends and family happy, nothing really in specific
And I would like to keep myself satisfied and happy with my school work
I would like to exercise more to improve my own wellbeing.  I would like to be able to do more volunteer work to improve the wellbeing of others.
I would like to exercise more.
I would like to exercise so frequently
I would like to find a different job that appreciates my work; one where I could make a positive difference. I would like to volunteer more often if time allowed. I would also like to be in less debt.
I would like to find balance and commit to some form of a structured schedule.
i would like to get in better shape and work on my happiness levels because i haven't been very happy with what is happening in my life currently
I would like to have a lot more opportunity to meet people and be friends with them. It is hard to meet friend in university than when I was in high school
My current university does not have fair enough associations or groups to join...
I would like to have more time to workout and for the wellbeing of others just than you can achieve anything you want to if you just believe that you can do it.
i would like to help others find happiness in the things that do not need to be bought. To be happy with what you already have and the other things that surround you.
I would like to help the enviroment and causes I believe in
I would like to improve communication
I would like to make/find more friends that share my interests and appreciate my efforts in all areas of my life. I would like to become a more efficient counselor and help the at-risk students that I work with.
I would like to move forward in my career. I have a complicated past holding me down and I am tired of being limited to the job that I currently have. I have more potential than my current job allows me to show.
i would like to move to suburbia
I would like to practice more mindfulness.
I would like to sleep more, this would improve the wellbeing because I would be happier.
I would like to start giving more to charity.
I would like to teach others how they can be as happy as I am.
I would like to volunteer more often.
I would like to work
I would like to work in a casual, social environment where my efforts were focused in helping a creative process. I would like to be surrounded with people who have similar values to me. I'd like to make an income that affords me a comfortable lifestyle and enriching experiences.
I would like to work on my communication skills
I would like to work on my communication with others
I would like to workout more consistently
I would love to have alone time. Taking care of my disabled husband who has memory issues and my senior parents, which both have memory issues as well, while trying to go to school to become breadwinner, it would be wonderful to be able to get away and go to the beach or a cabin that is lakeside for some solitude would help my emotional health a ton!
I would love to surround myself with more positive people.
I would workout more
I'd like to have a more positive outlook on life. I want to see the good in things more. I want to help people more. I want to go out of my comfort zone. I want to decrease my anxiety levels.
I'd like to have more free time.
I'm not sure.
id like to develop a better sleeping pattern
if i could help other people in more ways than one. and a stronger closer relation
im not sure.
Impeach Trump.
Improve a few health niggles of the last year.
improve depression
Improve education and/or healthcare within our country.
improve fitness
Improve health
improve my anger and ability to be kind to others also being less nervous
Improve my career
Improve my diet.
Improve my happiness and create a positive environment around me.
improve my health
Improve my physical health and give to others
Improve my relationships, make better more meaningful friends in college, spend time working out more and balancing my workload with classes
improve myself mentally and physically
Improve organization of my home and work life
Improve people's ability to be empathic and more tolerant of others.
Improve physical health more
Improve relationships with teenage children
Improve social connections within my community/neighborhood.
Improve tolerance, reduced bias and abuse
Improved my outlook to feel more happy
Increase in happiness
Interesting pursuits
Invest time to help community fix nature around everyone.
Job happiness
job security
keep a job and really enjoy what I do
Keep eating healthily
keep fit
Kill much of mankind.
kill myself
Kindness... spend more time on it - me and others
Laugh more
Learn how to control my anger, and how to manage my emotions.
Learn to be happy with myself, like myself again, be more productive in every aspect of my life not just bits and pieces. Learn to manage the money I have rather than struggling every month.
Learn to love and accept myself, so I stop being afraid of expressing myself.
learning to be happy with what I have
less anxiety and more love/compassion
Less political polarization
Less stress
less time at work
Less work stress
Less work. I am overworked and stressed by it. Others wellbeing would be helped by more Democratic government to increase minimum wage.
Let go of fear and worry.
Life partner
limit hours of work
live a healthy life and be happy by helping people in need
Live closer to town.
Live life the way i want to live it.
look after the world, the environment, the place we all live. Cleaner air, responsible waste disposal, tackling root cause of anti social behaviour and crime, leisure, arts and cultural access for all.
Loose and keep the weight off
loose weight
Lose some of my physical limitations- back issues.
Lose weight
lose weight
Lose weight
lose weight
Lose weight
Lose weight and exercise more
Lose weight.
Losing weight , excercise
Love and live
Love more, be more generous
love myself more and give more attention to my needs and personal happiness
Love one another and to have patience  h humbling myself.
make everyone love each other
make friends
Make housing affordable in London/UK generally.
Make me and other people happier by pursuing the things that matter most like family friends education and work
Make more money
Make more money by finding a job
Make more money.
Make more money.
Make more plans and think things through more
Make more time for my personal relationships and socializing
Make more time for myself
Make more time to relax
Make music all day
make others happy
make people feel worthwhile
Make people happy because people need more happiness in their life, most people are stressing about money, work, school, family and etc. so people need more happiness in their life.
Make people laugh
make strong / solid friends
Make sure people eat right.
Manage my time better so I can do more of the things I want to do - like volunteer, exercise, enjoy a hobby,etc.
Manage Stress
Manage time effectively. Learn to be grateful.
Maximize productivity.
meaningful social outings
meaningful volunteer work, specifically re-entry counseling for formerly incarcerated people, or helping refugees
Meditate more
meditate more
Meditate more consistently.
meet someone
Mejorar los detalles de salud que tengo, cerrar los ciclos de estudios y trabajo pendiente, mejorar mis habilidades
Mental health Assistence.
Mental health.
More active efforts to be kind and compassionate to each other.
More activities - Sports, painting classes, (wood) projects with friends, small group get togethers (spiritual/religious base and not), nature activities/walks, animal events, music events, soup and wine nights. Take time for yourself and just real talk with people or families. 
More aware, dependent, and surrendered to God.
More consistent yoga.
More culturally adverse community activities where self esteem building and cultural understandings is the focus. Allowing all cultures to share about their culture in order to overcome differences or debunk information people may have.
More exercise
More exercise
More exercise
More financial security
More free time
More free time
More freedoms within my famly
More interests outside of work
More money and better living conditions.
More patience and more time to exercise more.
More peace and more prayer.
More physical activity
More positive thinking
More quality time with my husband and kids and more time for me to exercise/personal time.
more recreational activites
More relationships
More smiles
More time
More time and financial freedom
More time do do what you wish to do
More time for my family
More time spent doing productive things in my spare time rather than wasting time lounging around. That would improve my wellbeing because i feel happy and at my best when i am setting goals, accomplishing goals, and being productive.
More time to read and learn.
Move out of the big city.
murder everyone
My adult son's emotional and financial problems
My drinking
My financial situation and overall well being
my health and happiness
my health and others
My health and what others think of me.
My health. I would like to have more time/make more time to exercise and better myself.
My interest in the well being of myself and others
my job requires an insane amount of overtime.  I rarely get to see my family, let alone do anything recreational.  I wish i could change that.
My mindset.
My mood swings
My New Year's Resolution was less time online, more time focussed in real time.
My own postitive thinking skills. Not carihng what others think. Working out more. Overcoming fears. Standing up for myself/being assertive. Appreciating everything i have.
my own, eat better
others, rewarding job that gives back in sport
My physical fitness which is very poor.
My physical health/arthritis problems as I age.
My sleep habits and how much energy I have. Spending more time with my family.
My weight
my wellbeing would be my broken brain becas it makes me stupid. and my friends are perfect.
My wellbeing would be to get more sleep.   Wellbeing of others.That is my mission every day.
Never being born.
New job
No clue.
No financial debt.
Not be depressed
Not be forced to work full time just to make ends meet.
Not care.
Not get so stressed and realize how good your life is
Not have a recurrence of breast cancer
Not have to work
Not sure
not working as hard in school
Not worry about what others think about me, and be happy with myself.
Obtaining a better job that makes me feel secure in my employment.
Offer more well being services to the community in which I live.
One thing I would like to improve about myself is to get back into shape. For the well being of others, I would try and make the world a better place to live in.
One thing I'd like to improve is my empathy for others.
One things to improve my wellbeing is to start exercising more and start eating better and For other people to relize that there always something worth fighting for you just need to believe in yourself.
only be near people who help me
Open a center for families
Overcoming addiction
part time option
People understanding others.
Physical condition
Play music and hike
Practice mindfulness
Promote consideration of otheres.
Promote Democracy starts at Home.
promote happiness
Promote outdoor space
Provding knowledge and understanding
Push out any negativity
Putting more positivity out there
Quit my job
Quit smoking
Quit smoking.
Reach my potential
Real happiness can be found by making others happy
Recover from knee surgery.  Lose weight and be able to do the cardio activities I have not been able to for several years to feel better about myself.
recreational excercise
Recycling and exercising
Redistribution of wealth!
Reduce My stress level
Reduce stress and develop a more consistent spiritual practice.
Reduce the amount debt
Relationships - both friendships and partners
Relationships of love
Relax and accept myself more
Relax and enjoy.
Remove current stressors from my life.
Research and then dedicate myself to a fulfilling career for the 2nd half of my life.
Respect others. Treat others the way you want to be treated
Safe living vondiotons, makking sure those with homes are using adequate cleaning measures. And finding better ways to support the homeless.
Save money
save the endangered species and stop global warming
save the environment
See more kindness in the world
Self confidence
Separate from my husband
Serve others by sharing my story
Serve others more
Sex life
show more gratitude and make more time for the things that matter
Show more kindness
Simplify my life responsibilities and possessions.
Single payer healthcare
Sleep better
Sleep more
Sleep through the night. Take better care of myself.
Slow down. Have more time for activities outside of work.
Slow life down a little especially in my profession...we get paid well but the money is spent on care for house and kids due to work hours.  Would love if the US could slow down a little, value family time more, similar to IReland with later start to work days so you can get your kids off
Social connection
social connections
Solar energy development.
sorting out my mental health
Speak my mind more often
Spend family time together.
Spend more quality time outdoors with my family
spend more time doing things I love.
Spend more time doing useful things.
Spend more time having fun and enjoying life and spend less time working, either at home or at work.
spend more time helping others
Spend more time helping others
Spend more time in prayer and reflection.
Spend more time in the natural environment and less time on a computer
Spend more time on things I enjoy - or investigate things to enjoy.
spend more time outdoors/exercise more
Spend more time outside
Spend more time pursuing my passion
Spend more time together in body and mind.
spend more time with family. 
Spend more time with friends
Spend more time with my children doing spontaneous activities.
Spend more time with my family
spend more time with other people, doing enjoyable things
Spend more time with others
Spend time
Spending more time in Europe with the Family
spending more time with family and friends
Spiritual life with the Lord Jesus Christ
Spread joy
Spread more happiness and being more kind to people - cherishing relationships and friendships.
Spread music: play, listen, sing, dance, teach, etc.
Spread positivity through interactions with others
Ss paying more
Stabilizing my moods
Start a 3rd political party
start focusing on myself
start my career job
Start running again, loose a little wieght.
Stay calm
Stay positive about world events
Steady job
Stop anxiety
stop argueing
stop global warming
Stop putting others first all the time
stop smoking
stop smoking   
stop smoking weed
stop smoking, more  sport
Stop worring. Get on with things i enjoy doing
Strengthen National Borders or Eliminate The Welfare State, Defunding One-Worlder's Like The People Behind This Test.  
Stress less
stress less
Suitable employment for family member
take better care of myself (nutrition/exercise)
Take better care of myself, love myself more, and that will help me improve the wellbeing of others.
Take care of my grandchildren
Take care of myself
take care of myself better
take care of myself better (diet, exercise)
Take care of the children
Take more time for myself and others
Take more time for things that are important
Take pictures of the best memories
Talk about important things instead of superficial things.
talk about my psyfical healt
talk to more people and create more friendships
Testify about childhood cancer and lack of reasonable priced healthcare in the USA.
The environmental conditions in which they're living in such as pollutions.
To actually care about things.
To be able to participate  in civic life.
to be financially comfortable and help the less fortunate
To be financially secure and independent.
To be happy
To be more happy and appreciative
To be more motivated
to earn a lot of money and donate nearly half of it to charities that need it!!
to get higher income
To get my own business started and work on growing it.
To give back more and to stop feeling so anxious alot of the time
to have better communication with the people that I love
To have more free time.
To improve the wellbeing of others I would like to start volunteering more often and donate to charities. For my own wellbeing I would like to start saving for a place with my boyfriend, graduate collage, and to start making exercise a daily thing.
To just feel genuinely loved.
To learn more about myself and grow in self-confidence.
To love the Lord and love our neighbors
To make others happy and not hate me
To make people feel good about themselves when interacting with them.
To see the positive in things more
To spend. Ore time together
Tour around the world and share my knowledge with as many people as possible
train service animinals
Travel more
Travel, eat healthy and excersise
Try to be more happy, eat better foods, cut people out of my life that do not care about me.
Try to be satisfied with my life and stop looking at everyone else as the benchmark to a successful life.
Try to relive some of the stress i feel everyday
Understand what other people need
understanding people
Universal health care. A healthy, well fed, housed, well educated citizenry.
vermehrt den fokus auf positives richten
volunteer abroad
Volunteer for a nature organisation.
Volunteer in local food bank
Volunteer in my community
Volunteer more
volunteer more
Volunteer more and work out regularly
Volunteer more often
Volunteer more often
Get more aerobic exercise
Volunteer more often, stay fit.
Volunteer more, continue to live a healthy lifestyle.
Volunteer More, meet new people
Volunteer more.
Volunteer more.  Write more.  Get out of the house more.
Volunteer/donate more
While we have put aside college money for our three children, we are unable to take out any loans due to being close to retirement and still paying off our home mortgage.  I would like to earn more income in order to help our children further with their education so that they do not have to take out more loans than is reasonable.
Win 1.6 million dollars, buy house, and take financial stress off and relax
win the lottery and be able to help the needy
work 4 days/week! Would be a better employee, mom, wife and friend. Absolutely no free time right now- leads to burnout, bad attitude and exhaustion
Work a flex schedule, 4 days on and 3 days off
Work as a nurse
Work hard, play harder.
Work in a job that I enjoy and pays well
Work in a more positive environment.
Work less and be with my kids more. Exercise more
work less have more time to myself without feeling guilty
Work less hours
Work less hours a week
Work less so I have more time and energy to do things that bring me joy.
Work less, exercise and visit with friends more
Work life balance
Work life balance
work on environment and education issues. see the cost of living increase and less spending on military
work on my perception of the world around me to become more positive, and I can then spread that positivity wherever I go
Work on time management/productivity/having more time for me and to do things I enjoy.
work part time
work part-time to be home with my children more
worry less