Sunday, March 19, 2017

Happiness Skills for International Day of Happiness

March 20th is International Day of Happiness (IDOH).  IDOH came into being in 2012 with the intent to encourage governments to "pursue the elaboration of additional measures that capture the
importance of the pursuit of happiness and well-being in development with view to guiding public policies."

Connecting personal happiness and the movement towards government's adoption of wider measures of well-being is no small task. It also may be very simple:

Aspire and aim to make others happy. 

If we all did that in our work, our relationships, our interactions in daily life, perhaps we would have a sustainable, resilient and happy planet.

There are four other happiness skills that science tells us will increase our happiness, and tradition indicates may lead to a happier planet:

Do something kind every day.

Say thank you whenever somebody does something for you.

Before you go to sleep every night, think about something that went well.

Pay attention to your feelings.

This International Day of Happiness, celebrate by practicing these five things today!

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