Sunday, April 17, 2016

Happiness Expedia

Do you work for Expedia? Then read this and take the Gross National Happiness Index for your group. (Quick hack for when you take the survey: go to SIGN UP from the sign in page). We will use your group's scores during a one hour talk on May 23. (Contact Ram for details about our talk).  

Wondering is the Gross National Happiness Index about? 

  • The Happiness Movement bringing to the forefront the importance of happiness in our lives, our society and for our economy.
  • The  Beyond GDP Movement to expand the measures our governments and institutions use to measure success. 
  • The Positive Psychology Movement to expand and change our understanding of what makes us happy and how we can be happy. 

At our table on Earth Day and our talk on May 23 we will explore the connections  between personal happiness, societal well-being and planetary sustainability.
If you work at Expedia, click here to take the survey. If not, use this link!

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