Tuesday, October 13, 2015

At the OECD fifth world forum - post one

OECD post one by Laura Musikanski

The music is grand, pounding thunder and hope. Last night They Were setting up the sound system as Kai, Laura Hannant and I put up posters and brochures for the Happiness arranged Booth at the OECD 5 th World Forum.

The announcer is introducing the President of the OECD, Governor of Jalisco State and other Officials With the intonations of a wrestling world championship event. The room holds over 1,000 people, mostly men in gray or blue well-fitting suits. Cameras on long reaching booms loom above us. The speeches are televised on three huge screens above each speaker, giving us a demonstration of what might be a very large bug's view. I have no idea what they are saying because they are speaking in Spanish.      

It's okay. I'm excited. Our happiness booth is one of 34 and definitely different. While we were
putting the finishing touches on it This Morning, Already People were milling about.    Laura H and I will be speaking at a session tomorrow spotlight about the gross national happiness index and the work Creston & District has done to measure wellbeing using the gross national happiness index.   I'm very interested to see how our interactions go at our booth today and tomorrow!  

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