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Please, make sure you are happy!

Please, make sure you are happy!
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Happiness… the single word feels amazing when you say it because of what it means, like if instantly it brings to your mind and spirit the idea of hope, peace, that everything is achievable, that everything is ok and is going to be ok… perhaps, the simple word can even make you smile.

Simple word, yes, happiness as it is a simple word, it is also simple to be, to feel, to breath, to live, to achieve!

What is happiness? I think there are different ways to define HAPPINESS some of them even scientifically speaking but is like when you are looking for any definition and you only get words that sound pretty interesting but do not give any practicality and, what is the point in knowing something that cannot be applicable! 

Happiness is a topic that although it has been gaining a lot of terrain lately in the personal as well as in the organizational level, it has always been present through history and is present in your life and in everyone’s life, is just something that we do not stop to think about. Like if the word and state of being of HAPPINESS is forbidden, but it is a right and a wonderful and necessary state of being! Is not a taboo to say the word HAPPINESS nonetheless, how many times do you listen to this word coming out from people’s mouths? That should be an interesting measure to do worldwide. Think about how many times have you said the word HAPPINESS, how many times have you experienced it? 

Maybe you haven’t been aware of it because we tend to misunderstand HAPPINESS with an extra amount of joy or even euphoria but like I said before, is much simpler than that. 
Happiness can come from a lot of sources and can have a lot of meanings, and the
important thing is always YOU. What brings YOU HAPPINESS? You do not need to compare to others, in fact is something the worlds needs to stop doing, comparing to others because that does not make any sense nor it helps because every creature is unique and therefore different and that essence is to be honored, you have to honor it by respecting it and respecting YOU.

Think about a time when you feel very well, perhaps because you found the book you have always to read, maybe because you received a message or a phone call from someone special to you; how did you feel? You felt HAPPY so this is what I mean when I say HAPPINESS comes from a lot of sources and has a lot of meanings. Those things that happened that made YOU feel HAPPY meant something for YOU, not for the person next to you or anybody else; maybe a friend of yours or your mom shared such HAPPINESS with you, but that is just a lovely complement of HAPPINESS to be able to share it, to spread it and be contagious about it with the people who surround you and the world!

But those were just moments of HAPPINESS then what to do to make it stay? Again is simple. Do you remember when you helped the neighbor because the bags of trash broke and everything spread all over the street? Or when you saw an elder person get on the bus and you offer your seat? That felt good right? And you did it because YOU felt it, nobody told you to do it, and you did it knowing that a “Thank You” might be all that you could get in return. But no, the reward is bigger than a “Thank You”, is like a touch to the soul and spirit knowing that you did something good for others that needed it. That is HAPPINESS, and although it seems that YOU are no longer the center of attention because you are giving to others, the reward functions in both ways. And then again, YOU did it, because YOU felt it, and YOU are rewarded so as the person that you just helped.

So you see, YOU are the most important piece for your HAPPINESS and HAPPINESS is a simple thing to feel, breath and live!

And don’t forget to Please, Make Sure YOU are HAPPY

Author  Alejandra Torpey is a professional in the learning and development industry, committed to serve for the integral development of people to empower them to perform at their best.

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