Tuesday, May 13, 2014

recipe for a happy job

Go To Work Happy: How To Find a Career That You Love

You create your own happiness. Having a career you dislike can affect your entire life since the physical environment that surrounds you and your daily routine all contribute to your emotional state. Doing something that doesn't make you happy every day will leave you feeling miserable. Whether you're a recent graduate or have been stuck in a job you hate for 10 plus years, you have the ability to choose a career that brings you joy. Stop living for the weekends and start living for each and every day.

Seek Out Your True Passion

What makes you smile? What activity causes you to lose track of time? What gives you a higher sense of purpose in life? It could be anything— reading, volunteering at animal shelters or organizing events, whatever you're passionate about is what you should be doing on a daily basis. Make a list of the top activities you enjoy and focus on the ones you think can be turned into a career. Next, start doing some research. Talk to people who have turned their passion into a career, read about others' experiences online, seek help from industry experts, etc. The goal here is to expand your network and start making changes in your life, says Your Success Now.

Don't Be Swayed by Job Titles

Sure, a CEO title would sound pretty prestigious next to your name, but unless this is truly what you want to be, don't make it a must in your life. Too many people climb the corporate ladder without really knowing if they want what's at the top. You can be absolutely anything you want, don't let societal norms cause you to become something you're not. Instead, look at the type of lifestyle other people live. If you're jealous of the neighbor who works from home, consider freelancing. If you work best at night, look for a job that can accommodate late hours. Create a job you love by adapting it around how you want to live your life. Always remember that you're in control of your own destiny.

Improve Yourself While You're Waiting

Landing a career that you'll find fulfilling won't be easy and will definitely take some time. Finding a job you love probably won't be a straight shot. You might have to walk down several different paths before finding your dream career. If you're currently employed but disillusioned, don't quit your job cold turkey unless you have the means to do so or the environment has become completely unbearable. Instead, immerse yourself in the industry you're interested in during your spare time by attending webinars and joining related organizations. You'll learn more about a specific career and make valuable connections; two things that will come in handy during your job search.
Spend your time improving the skills you'll need for your dream job. If you'd love to be in the medical field and have some administrative assistant experience you can increase your value by completing a Medical Administrative Assistant program with online schools, such as Penn Foster. Are you a natural cook? Attend classes at a culinary institute in your state to improve your talent and spice up your resume. Now's the time to focus on what makes you happy, so your next job will be the right one.

Overcome Your Worst Enemy

You are your worst enemy. This becomes most obvious when making life-altering changes. I'm not good enough. I'm too old. I don't have the skills. I'm lucky just to have a job. These are all thoughts that won't help you find the career that will make you happy. Plus, these so called obstacles all have solutions. Kathy Caprino from The Huffington Post makes a great point, "Until you let go of what you're doing and thinking that keeps you stuck and small, you can't build a happy, successful career. Your limitations will follow you in every new direction until you address them." To find a career that will bring happiness into your life, assess yourself and find out if you're the one holding yourself back from the life you deserve.

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