Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thriving Communities Conference Coming Up - Whidbey Island Retreat

Happiness Initiative Board Member Jeff Vander Clute is helping coordinate this!  Join if you can!

March 20 - 22, 2014
Health: "When people are healthy, communities thrive."
Thursday 6 pm—Saturday 4 pm
The Whidbey Institute, Thomas Berry Hall 

In these times of global challenge, how do we meet the needs of individuals, families, and local communities, in nurturing a sense of belonging, a capacity for resilience, and the ability to thrive? 

We live in challenging times. Our personal and community health is at stake, faced with environmental, social, and economic pressures from all sides. What is the role of health and caring in modern life? How are personal wellness and community wellness intertwined? What comes into view when we look at community through the lens of health?

The people we will meet and the stunning stories we will share at our Third Annual Whidbey Institute Thriving Communities Conference will build a larger awareness of the challenges we face today as well as replicable, proven answers to those challenges.

Join a growing group of leaders and activists representing diverse ages, backgrounds, and communities from our bioregion and beyond. Place yourself in the dynamic center of engagement and exchange. Take an intimate look, over three days, at media storytelling and powerful dialogue which reveals the inspiring work of others. The examples shared during this conference can serve as a catalyst to improve and energize the work you do in your own community.

Learn the new and innovative ways that people, organizations, and businesses are working together to address health issues across populations, to strengthen communal ties, to create a sense of belonging, and to sustain the wellbeing of people and the places where they live.

A few scholarships are available. Registration Information.

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