Tuesday, December 31, 2013

John de Graaf leads the way for a vacation bill in Washington State

John de Graaf, co-founder of the Happiness Initiative is leading the charge for the adoption of a vacation bill in Washington State early in 2014. 


In his words:
Though vacations are essential for good health, improved productivity, and family
bonding, the United States is the only industrial nation on earth without a law requiring paid vacation time.  State RepresentativeGael Tarleton (D-36) hopes to begin changing that by making Washington State the first state in the union to guarantee paid annual leave for workers. Her bill will find support from:

Medical personnel who understand the value of vacations for health and mental health
Labor unions and other organizations representing workers
Travel industry organizations and travel guides
Outdoor outfitters
Social justice organizations
Family organizations
Students and other young Washingtonians
Enlightened business owners who understand that vacations improve productivity
Parks and recreation professionals and educators
Environmental organizations such as the Sierra Club and Mountaineers

Nonetheless, the bill is likely to face some opposition from small and large businesses and from conservative legislators who oppose government mandates.  If it passes the Democratic House of Representatives, it is likely to face opposition in the Republican State Senate.  Introduction of the bill in 2014 is important to get the issue in the public eye and can be a significant talking point for progressive candidates in the 2014 elections. Polling results have shown broad support for the issue, especially among younger, low-income and minority voters, though these polls are somewhat dated.

Support John and this bill by getting involved. You can contact John at jodg@comcast.net

For a copy of the proposed legislation, click here

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