Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Happiness Report Card for the Coal Train in Washingtpn State

Trish Knox, a community activist and graduate of The Happiness Initiative's Train the Trainer program recently gave a talk at a rally and produced a Happiness Report Card for the Coal Train:

Coal Train Report Card
Sustainable Communities All Over Puget Sound (SCALLOPS) present a Coal Train Report Card based on nine domains of happiness from the United Nations’ Gross National Happiness and from the local Happiness Initiatives in Seattle and Victoria.  Happiness domains measure the well-being of people in a community, region and country. 
 Sustainable Ballard, Wallingford, Bremerton, Edmonds, Bothell, Redmond, Renton, Transition Woodinville and Transition Olympia
 ·         request that a study be done regarding the impact of coal trains on our environment and on nature.  We are concerned about air pollution and the serious health threats from coal dust as well as increased diesel fumes.  We are also concerned about the well-being of our native people and marine life at Cherry Point.
 ·         request that an impact study be done regarding the psychological effects of these coal trains.  We are concerned about noise pollution and traffic congestion during the day and the disruption of sleep patterns at night.  Adding so many trains would seriously hurt tourism and other business thus adding stress on people’s lives.
The nine sustainable communities endorsing this report card conclude that coal trains do not add to the well-being and happiness of our region and request that you give the Gateway Pacific Terminal project a “No Pass” grade.

Trish Knox, Founder                                                                       TransitionWoodinville.ning.com

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