Saturday, May 26, 2012

Time to Dance

Why can’t life be just like dance? I ask myself this question often. I love to dance. At dance, you see the beauty in everyone.  You bliss out. Bodies move to the rhythms of hope, wisdom, longing and despair.  And all is good. 

But sometimes at dance I cry. The beauty of people dancing, the music’s message – they trigger feelings of fear: fear of loneliness, condemnation and abandonment. These are the dances with no movement but the shudders of tears and heaves of sobs.  And as hard as these dances are, they are necessary for the beautiful, effervescent and wing like dances.   After a cry dance, I know the next dances will bring a special flavor of goodness with dimensions I would not imagine. Dance takes me deeper, and teaches me more curiosity about my soul. It’s a downswing and an upswing.

Right now, the Happiness Initiative is poised for the upswing. We are drying our tears from a long cry, and we are ready for what the future will bring.   

It’s been two long years of dedicated effort to this project and its time to fully and totally open our minds and work with others with an undivided heart.  Its time for the dances that bring un-imaged joy and strength to the project. 
Laura, ED of the Happiness Initiative. 

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