Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spirit in Happiness

Noon and we head back into our work groups. Mine includes the spiritual leaders. We sit around a large wood table in a circle, and start organizing the few hours we have left. With such huge momentum built, and so much to do, two more hours together is beyond frustrating. The spiritual leaders bring calm. We talk in specifics about how to bring forward this movement in the spiritual community.

It is good to focus on something tangible and complete something, even if just a small task, when you are trying to change the world.

In my post earlier today, I mentioned a statement by the spiritual leaders. It is here:

Spiritual Leaders’ Statement for Suggested Inclusion in Policy RecommendationsHigh Level Meeting on Wellbeing and Happiness: Defining a New Economic Paradigm, April 2-5, 2012, United Nations Headquarters

As leaders representing various spiritual traditions, we believe that in the new economic paradigm, the role of spiritual traditions is to preserve and transmit to future generations the wisdom and love inherent in their own religious heritages, and the knowledge that the world is one community, interconnected and interdependent. The new economic paradigm is based upon compassion, altruism, balance, and peace, and dedicated to the well-being, happiness, dignity, and sacredness of all forms of life. Because external economic realities mirror internal psychological and spiritual realities, participants in the new paradigm pledge themselves to ethical conduct, reflecting and holding them- selves to the highest level of integrity and virtue, increasing their sharing and dedication to others, and resilience in the face of challenges. Because economics is based upon relationships, in the new paradigm, relationships are characterized by active service, justice, and cherishing the dignity of other's lives. We commit ourselves to thus nurturing the new economic paradigm personally and collectively in our own faith communities. May the new paradigm swiftly blossom throughout the world for the benefit of all those alive today and future generations yet unborn.

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